2022 Intelligence Community Awards

6:30pm, 13 October 2022 – The Grand Hall, Parliament, Wellington

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards are an annual event where we celebrate the wealth of talent and diversity across the New Zealand intelligence community and how such talent and diversity has contributed to the continuing potential and achievements of the sector.

These awards are a means of recognising outstanding contributions to sole agencies, the intelligence sector as a whole, as well as outstanding performance of a new member, experienced practitioner, or manager, as nominated by their colleagues and superiors.

The Intelligence Community Awards are held every year in conjunction with the annual conference.


Award Nomination Form

  • Please fill out below nomination form for the awards you would like to submit a nominee for. Please indicate a reason why you would like to nominate that person. Note that is a 300-word limit.
  • Classified Recognition Award

    This award exists to recognise those who cannot receive public praise. In an effort to ensure inclusion across the New Zealand intelligence sector, this award is designed to recognise excellence in any field of intelligence, whereby the identity or situation warranting recognition can only be discussed in secure environments. This award's nominations will be made direct to NZIIP Committee members and will be presented by the appropriate agency head. The Classified Recognition Award may be combined with the Emerging Leader, Practitioner, Innovation, or Practitioner Achievement Awards. Due to the sensitive nature, please email us at secretary@nziip.org.nz for assistance in making a nomination for this award.
  • Developing the Practitioner Award

    This award looks to recognise the Manager or the Organisation that has shown and grown outstanding support for intelligence careers and intelligence professionals, with the award including those nominated as a commercial entity. This category is focused on recognising the performance of those intelligence sector leaders responsible for developing teams, managing process, growing capability, and leading intelligence support across New Zealand's agencies.
  • Emerging Leader Award

    This award recognises the performance of any member of the New Zealand intelligence sector below the age of thirty-five who has demonstrated an exceptional capability and dedication in their role as an intelligence collector or analyst.
  • Babel Street Innovation in Intelligence Award

    This award recognises an agency, team or person responsible for noteworthy or outstanding innovation in one or more of the fields of collection, analysis or reporting. This award seeks to draw attention to those collectors and analysts who find new and better ways of collecting and producing high quality, useful intelligence in any intelligence discipline.
  • Intelligence Training Award

    This award looks to recognise an agency, team or person who has made outstanding advances to the state of intelligence training in New Zealand, whether through exceptional devotion to intelligence training and mentoring, or through a breakthrough in intelligence collection and analysis techniques.
  • The Oli Harper Award for Inter-Agency Excellence

    This award looks to recognise the individual or team who has made recognised and notable advances in developing inter-agency cohesion, enabling broader successes for New Zealand's intelligence professionals, resulting in more integrated and efficient agency outputs. The recipient should demonstrate the highest dedication to inter-agency and all-of-Government approaches, and a tireless drive to improve processes, in keeping with the spirit of the late Oli Harper.
  • Practitioner Achievement Award

    This award recognises the development and growth of Intelligence Professionals in the New Zealand intelligence community and is aimed at recognising those that have provided direct, insightful or notable contribution to their team, agency or area. This award is intended to recognise the greatest achievement by an individual in New Zealand's intelligence sector in a given year.