2020 NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards

Evening of Thursday 15 October 2020


After our annual conference throughout the day on 15 October, NZIIP will be hosting the 2020 NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards. These Awards recognise and celebrate the talents and achievements of intelligence professionals in their contributions to New Zealand’s intelligence sector.

Please note that nominations close 5:00pm on Thursday 8 October 2020.



Award Nomination Form

  • Please fill out below nomination form for the awards you would like to submit a nominee for. Please indicate a reason why you would like to nominate that person. Note that is a 300-word limit.
  • Intelligence Training Award

    This award will look to recognize an agency, team or person who has noteworthy advances in the state of intelligence training in NZ.
  • Intelligence Community Award

    This award would look to recognize an agency, team or individual who has made recognized and notable advances in building on and developing the level of engagement between intelligence Professionals across the community.
  • Innovation in Intelligence Award

    This award recognizes an agency, team or individual who responsible for noteworthy innovation in one or more of the fields of collection, analysis or report. If you have a photo you would like to submit with this nomination please email it to, info@nziip.org.nz, name the jpeg file with the 'nominees name' and subject line, 'innovation in Intelligence Award'.
  • Developing the Practitioner Award

    This award looks to recognise the Manager or the Organisation that has shown and grown outstanding support for intelligence careers and intelligence professionals, with the award including those nominated as a commercial entity.
  • Practitioner Achievement Award

    This award recognises the development and growth of Intelligence Professionals within the community and is aimed at recognising those that have provided direct, insightful or notable contribution to their team, agency or area.