Adaptability, Flexibility, and Resilience in the Intelligence Community




15 October 2020 – The Boatshed, Wellington

8.30am registrations open, 9.00am start

Disruptions, changes, and extraordinarily challenging events continue to create conditions that force intelligence practitioners to adapt our thinking and responses. We must be more flexible than ever so we can continue to deliver insights for decision advantage in such a rapidly changing environment. We must also build and maintain resilience as individuals, communities, organisations, and as a society.

Join us for the NZIIP 2020 Conference to hear how various practitioners and organisations from the Intelligence Community are navigating, adapting, and responding to the many disruptive events that continue to shape New Zealand society, the global risk picture, and the intelligence profession itself.




The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards

Evening of 15 October 2019 – The Boatshed, Wellington

The constant in the crises we have faced over the last few years is the adaptability and versatility of our intelligence professionals to turn their core intelligence skills to almost any problem.

The NZIIP Awards are a chance to recognise the exceptional efforts of intelligence practitioners – colleagues and friends – in the intelligence community among the ever-evolving and challenging environment we work in.

If you know someone who has made a noteworthy contribution or achievement in their role, submit your nominations now so that we can all celebrate their success.  More information on the award categories and the nomination process can be found on the Awards page.

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards will be at the Boatshed on the Wellington waterfront on the evening of 15 October 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing you and recognising the skills and talent of our people in the Intelligence Community.




The conference is subject to COVID-19 restrictions, including the limit on public gathering numbers. Should a Government announcement be made that shifts New Zealand to higher alert levels and means that the physical conference cannot go ahead, all tickets will be refunded in full.

Keynote Speakers

Brigadier H. R. (Hugh) McAslan, DSD

Dr Evelyn Pleydell

Dr Sarah Rosanowski

Ruby Meagher