Welcome to NZIIP 2018 Conference & Intelligence Community Awards

The NZIIP Conference and Intelligence Community Awards are back for 2018, and we are celebrating 10 years since NZIIP was created.  This year we’ll be drawing on the insight of the last decade to delve into the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead, and celebrate the wealth of talent and diversity within the New Zealand intelligence community.

Change has been a hallmark of the international landscape, delivering a tumultuous past few years and mirrored in our own backyard with the recent election of New Zealand’s coalition government. As the external environment for intelligence practitioners continues to change, inside our community the profession and practice of intelligence adapts and grows; increasing and diversifying to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The Conference this year seeks to capture some of this in the theme ‘Changing Nature of Intelligence: Diverse People, Diverse Practice’.

We’ll be exploring the range of intelligence roles and practices both existent and emerging in our community. We’ll be reflecting on the pathways and journey that individual practitioners and the intelligence sector has undertaken to arrive from the past to the present; projecting this into the future.

To do this, we’ve brought in some of the best and brightest homegrown and international talent, packed into panels, presentations, and more. We have some great sponsors supporting our event and there will be opportunities to see and discuss the latest innovations in our field.

The NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards is on Wednesday 29 August 2018 and the NZIIP Conference is on Thursday 30 August 2018, so save the dates!

Spread the word and join us for the 2018 NZIIP Conference to engage with the intelligence community and project its potential. Get your nominations ready for the NZIIP Intelligence Community Awards to celebrate the unique blend of talent in New Zealand.

We look forward to seeing you there!